Our offers

Basic Training: TKP - Team Kanban Foundation

Optimal introduction to the topic of Kanban. The training is aimed at people who are convinced that there is a lot of potential for improvement in their own work processes and who are willing to try something new.

Advanced Training 1: KSD - Kanban System Design

Ideal for anyone, Who are starting a Kanban initiative or want to get more out of their current working/kanban system. It is also well suited for aspiring Scrum Masters or other agile roles.

Advanced Training 2: KSI - Kanban Systems Improvement

Ideal for anyone who Want to get more out of your current Kanban system. This training is suitable for experts from scaled work systems who want to achieve more flow and value creation.

Advanced course 3: SBK - Scrum better with Kanban

Scrum better with kanban

Our specialized training will provide you with the necessary Kanban knowledge to integrate the principles and techniques into your Scrum framework. You'll learn how to visualize the flow of work, set WIP limits, and implement continuous improvement - all with the goal of taking your Scrum team to a new level of performance.


Agile Workshop

Are you ready to uncover the secrets behind the Agile movement and learn the tools that will help you succeed in today's fast-paced business world?Then our 1-day workshops are just right for you!

Inhouse trainings

We come directly to you and help you or you to get better into the flow. The focus is on discovering potential for improvement, eliminating waste and getting better at all levels. A journey that will be very rewarding.

Improvement Days / Inhouse Workshops

Our focus is on your needs!
We are happy to offer our Kanban trainings directly on site. In-house trainings are ideal if you as an organization want to train your teams holistically and integrate the training seamlessly into your daily work.

Personal Kanban Trainer

You don't have much time and the dates of the trainings don't fit. Nevertheless, you don't want to wait until next year. Together with your Kanban trainer you set your personal learning goals to achieve the certifications. You have the possibility to ask individual questions and to learn adapted to your situation.

Kanban Flight Levels Video Tutorial

Do you know the Kanban Flight Levels?


Kanban Flight Levels - the missing links between strategy and operational agility.