Basic training

TKP - Team Kanban Practitioner

Are you concerned with questions like...

  • What does Kanban mean?
  • Why should I use Kanban in my environment?
  • Where does Kanban help me?
  • How can I use Kanban?
  • What are the risks and side effects of introducing Kanban?

Then this one-day training is just the right start for you.

The training is aimed at people who are convinced that there is a lot of potential for improvement in their own work processes and who are willing to try something new.


  • The six general practices of the Kanban method
  • Visualize - Show the work and its flow.
  • Limit the work in progress - Stop starting, start finishing!
  • Control flow - Identify and control what impedes the flow of work.
  • Make policies explicit - Have agreed upon policies that are visible to all stakeholders.
  • Establish feedback loops - At the right frequency to provide guidance.
  • Improve together, develop experimentally - with the scientific method.

Our VALUE Promise

After the training you know the basic principles and practices of Kanban, you could make some experiences with it and you made your first steps in developing a Kanban Board.

Based on the basics you can decide if Kanban supports you and/or your organization in the improvement process.