Additional information

Additional information

There is a lot of additional information around our trainings which can be useful for you.

Our trainings are of international standard.

Kanban University defines the global standard on Kanban in knowledge work.

Language selection

All our trainings are available in German.

On request, we also conduct the offers in English.
Trainings in French are conducted with a co-facilitator.

Kanban University is an American organisation, so it may take a little longer for the latest content to be available in German. Please contact us if you need a translation on Kanban topics.


If you order up to four weeks before the date of the event, you will receive a 10% discount.

It makes a lot of sense if several team members come to the training together. Therefore, we offer a 3 for 2 deal. With 3 participants from the same company on the same training date, only 2 participants pay for the training.

This offer is not cumulative with other discounts.

Large organisations that are planning a transformation with Kanban are welcome to include as a preferred supplier. Each participant from this organisation will then receive a 20% discount.

This offer is not cumulative with other discounts.

Here we are already preferred supplier:

  • Helsana

What does the certification path look like?

We offer the basic trainings of the Kanban University with us.

The Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) is the starter training for everyone who wants to learn more about the topic or for whole teams to get into the flow with Kanban.

The Kanban System Design (KSD) training is designed for dedicated people who want to lead the Kanban initiative more professionally and with more background knowledge. In a way, it is the counterpart to the Scrum Master training.

Those who come to the Kanban Systems Imrovement (KSI) training with practical experience and the curiosity of how to bring even more flow into my value creation will be richly gifted with improvement strategies, metrics and change ideas.

Those who complete the KSD and KSI training can call themselves Kanban Management Professionals. This is also the basic certification for becoming a coach or trainer within the Kanban University.

Here is the link to the Kanban University website with more information.

The site is only available in English. If you have any questions, please send us an email.

Experience points

By attending our trainings you can also collect the following experience points:

Professional Development Units

You can receive credit for 1 Professional Development Unit (PUD) per hour for attending our trainings.

Scrum Education Units

Our trainings are also worth Education Units for the Scrum Alliance. Every hour of our training is worth one Scrum Education Unit (SEU).

Alternative offers

Online or on-site training

Public or in-house offers

All our training offers are public offers. If desired, we can also offer our courses as in-house training. In this case, customer-oriented adaptations are possible. We are at your disposalfor any enquiries

Reference company

People who have attended our trainings work in these companies: