Why we run online training in small classes.

Prior to March 2020, our trainings were geared towards a class size of 12 to 18 people. Since we have been giving our trainings mainly online, the new class size for online trainings is 7 +/- 2 participants.

Why do we conduct the trainings in small learning teams?

We convey thought models and want to enter into a good dialogue with our students so that they can apply the learning content as optimally as possible in their everyday lives after the training.
As a trainer, it is possible to convey this learning content to up to 18 people in a face-to-face training session using the full range of communication skills.

However, the possibilities for communication and exchange are significantly reduced in online trainings. Even if the technology supports everything perfectly. The conversations at the coffee machine are no longer possible and as trainers we don't get to hear everything that happens in the training room.

Communication with the participants

In order to convey the full scope of our learning objectives and the interactivity of our training, and to give participants enough time to interact with the trainer and colleagues, we design our online training in smaller groups.