Dieter Strasser

Structures for people and organization are my passion

He has devoted his attention to this topic since 1992 and acts as a multi-accredited trainer, coach and facilitator wherever opportunities arise to put his two cents in.

As a knight against dogma, he is constantly working on rationality for the sustainable benefit of his clients. Excessive administration is anathema to him. His recommendations are lean, relaxed and suitable for everyday life.

Empathic listening is one of his basic attributes. Direct, reliable implementation is his passion. Respect is his credo.


Trainer (Kanban, The Responsibility Process, Facilitation, agile PM & BA, OBM, Obeya)
Professional coaching (Kanban Enterprise Coach, Kanban Coaching Professional)
Psychological coaching (transactional analysis, systemic, ROMPC, Free the limbic)
Simulations (Challenge of Egypt, TOPMeeting, The Phoenix Project)
Knowledge manager