Literature and sources

At our training we show you which books we learn from and which sources of Kanban knowledge are valuable for us. On this page we have collected some of the most important books and links.


We have deliberately not included any links to suppliers, so buy the books where you like them best.

Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business
by David J. Anderson
Kanban in practice: From team focus to value creation
by Klaus Leopold
Kanban in IT: Creating a culture of continuous improvement
by Klaus Leopold and Siegfried Kaltenecker
Kanban: Evolutionary Change Management for IT Organisations
by David J. Anderson
Kanban from the Inside: Understand the Kanban Method, connect it to what you already know, introduce it with impact
by Mike Burrows
Rethinking agility: Why agile teams have nothing to do with business agility
by Klaus Leopold
Essential Kanban Condensed
by David J. Anderson and Andy Carmichael
Essential Upstream Kanban
by Patrick Steyaert
Kanban Maturity Model: Handbook for Agility, Resilience and Realignment in Organisations
by David J. Anderson and Teodora Bozheva

Links and sources


Kanban University runs several programs to build awareness and assure quality in Kanban implementations for professional services work. Kanban University offers certified Kanban courses delivered through a global network of Accredited Kanban Trainers. Kanban University also offers Kanban community events and published materials.

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