Flight Level Introduction

The Flight Level Introduction is an online self-study course that shows you how to..,

  • WHY organisations can vastly improve their business agility through the use of flight levels;
  • WHAT organisations do when they apply flight levels in their context.

Included in the price is a live check-in appointment with top Flight Levels experts: discuss your specific questions with Klaus Leopold, Cliff Hazell or another Flight Levels guide.

The training lasts 0.5 days.

Flight Level Introduction
The online training is available in English.

Who is this training interesting for?

  • Have you experienced the pain of ineffective digital and agile transformations?
  • Are you leading a transformation to establish success in the company?

We examine the common failures, the causes for you and help you to prevent these problems and to be successful.

You are the expert for your company. You know the strengths and weaknesses of your company. Although there are common patterns, every business is different and these differences are important. We can help you see the opportunities in the challenge by focusing attention and asking you helpful questions. With the Flight Levels you can analyse and optimise your organisation with a simple thought model regarding your goals.

Content of the training

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Flight Levels?
  3. The search for causes
  4. First solutions
  5. How Flight Levels Work
  6. Where and how to start
  7. Conclusion and FAQ