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KSI - Kanban Systems Improvements

Kanban Systems Improvements

2024-06-03 KSI Online (f)

Live Online in French, June 03-06 14.00-18.00 h, Trainer Pierre LeBlance

Original price was: CHF 1'800.00.Current price is: CHF 1'780.00.

Kanban Systems Improvements

2024-06-10 KSI Zurich

In German language, June 10 + 11, 09:00 - 17:00, trainer Ruedi (Rudolf) Gysi

CHF 1'950.00

Are you concerned with questions like...

  • What are the models and methods for improvement?
  • How do I capture and use metrics?
  • How do I bring flow into my value chain? 
  • Where do you find hints to improve the system?   
  • How do I deal with bottlenecks and dependencies on other services in and outside the company? 
  • In this two-day training you will learn to analyze and optimize your Kanban system.

You already have Kanban systems in place and want to learn how to improve them further. This improvement process continues and expands to the entire organization or value chain.

The training is designed for people who want to start a Kanban initiative or get more out of their current Kanban system. This training is suitable for experts from scaled work systems who want to achieve more flow and value creation.

We offer the two-day KSI training both as on-site classroom training or online .


  • Identify and further develop the maturity level of a Kanban system
  • Identify potential for improvement - evidence-based via metrics
  • Use cost of delay for prioritisation 
  • STATICS: System Thinking Approach to Implement Kanban - holistic view
  • Scaling Kanban - local versus global optimisation
  • Manage risks 

Improve Kanban systems

You already have Kanban systems in place. The improvement process continues and extends to the entire organization or value chain.

Certification to KMP

This training is the second part and the conclusion to the Kanban Management Professional

Trainer Ruedi

"Be like water"

The improvement approach of Kanban University

Coach Pierre

Our trainer for French trainings:

Cessez de débuter, commencez par terminer!

Our VALUE Promise

After the training, you will know the principles and practices of Kanban. Through exercises and simulations you can combine theory and practice and have the opportunity to bring in your own problems. There is enough time to discuss this in the group. After this training you will be able to improve entire value streams in your organization.

Participants who have completed the KSD and KSI training will receive the Kanban Management Professional certificate.