Simone Ackle-Lüchinger

Holistic, directly perceptible ways facilitate "doing"!

I see my task as supporting people, teams and organizations on the path to change. Those affected experience new values and attitudes in the change process. Voluntariness, discretion, acceptance, transparency, self-management and the will to change form the basis. Together we strengthen the ability to change and the agility of organizations.

I bring with me a wealth of experience enriched by sound specialist knowledge. I have more than 20 years of experience in organizational development and change management, from small teams to large groups. Here is an excerpt of my experience:

  • Training and support for the implementation of agility, Kanban and Scrum for organizations, management, executives, divisions and teams
  • Establishment, support and further development of communities of practice
  • Coaching, supervision and organizational consulting for individuals, teams, executives and management
  • Corporate development (vision, OKRs, culture, mindset, methods)
  • Various industries and sectors (medtech, healthcare, transport, rail infrastructure, banks, IT, schools, municipalities, social institutions)

Trainings and certificates

Kanban Management Professional
Kanban Systems Improvement
Kanban System Design
Team Kanban Practitioner

Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master
Management 3.0
Sertified SAFe 6 Agilist
Certified Scrum Product Owner
Certified Agile Leadership Essentials, for Teams and for Organizations

MAS Change and Organizational Dynamics
MAS Education Management
Diploma of Advanced Studies Organizational Dynamics Process Support
CAS Change Processes in Organizations
CAS Team Dynamics under Change
CAS Organizational Development
CAS Human Resources Development: Leadership Tasks and Fields of Action
CAS Leading an Educational Organization, School Management, Educator

Head of Group Dynamics DGGO
Member DGGO - German Society for Group Dynamics and Organizational Dynamics
Member BSO - Professional Association for Coaching, Supervision and Organizational Consulting

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